So you think this was a bad winter for snow?

Then take a look at some of these pictures of Abingdon during the snow of early 1963!

All pictures copyright reserved, taken by my late father Bernard.

Stert Street
Stert Street by the junction with Broad Street, note that this is part of the A34 before the bypass!

Broad Street

Broad Street one way system, also part of the A34!

Cycling on the river

Cycling on the river!

Proper Snowdrift on Downs

Proper snowdrift on the Berkshire downs, as left by the snowplough (remember those? Not lorries with shovels on the front)

Snow at Rutherford Lab, Harwell

Me in snow at Rutherford Laboratory, by Harwell.

rutherford appleton lab

Mill stream frozen solid

The Mill stream, frozen solid

Stert Street towards the Vineyard

Stert Street towards The Vineyard, the A34 is two way here!

Stert Street from St Nicholas

Stert Street from St Nicholas, note the icicles!

West St Helens Street

West St Helens Street, note the Plasterer's Arms is long gone.

Bath St

Bath Street, still part of the A34 Northbound!

High St

High Street, A34 Southbound!

White Horse Hill

This used to be the road up to White Horse Hill, Dragon hill is on the right.

And due to popular demand following the appearance of some of these views on BBC South Today, commemorating the 50 year anniversary, here are a load more:


Up at the top of Sparsholt hill


The river Thames at Abingdon



Icicles at Sparsholt

white horse hill

On the way up to the White Horse, by Dragon Hill


Abingdon again


We make snowmen


Lost in snow on the Berkshire downs

me in snow


Possibly Blowing Stone hill, before the trees grew up


White Horse again, invisible in the snow!

shirley canal

And finally, a rather nice shot taken by father in 1947. This is taken from beneath the Stratford on Avon canal bridge at Shirley, catching a goods train making its way from Birmingham city centre towards Stratford via Whitlocks End.

For similar views of Abingdon under re-development in the late 60's, see many of those views demolished and Woolworths being built!

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