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May 2004.

These high quality images have been rescued from an old scrapbook made up by an engineer working in various London exchanges during their "turn-round" in 1954.


Reliance Auto & Sub Tandem
Pictures by GEC, 27/8/54

Old type TJF and new Test Desks

Looking towards Line & Final units

Old Line & Final suites

View from Reliance old type 2nd numericals towards sub tandem old type 1st selectors

Old type Sub Tandem 1st selectors and old type line & final units

Old type subs meter racks, new type meter racks on right

One end of old type Sub Tandem T 1st boards W and X adjacent to new type Reliance 2nd numericals.

Pictures by STC, 12/8/54

Old type line and finals

Old type 2nd and 2rd code boards

Old type 1st numericals on left and Director boards on right

Old type test desks and adjacent TJF

Pictures by Siemens Bros, 26/8/54

Between old line and finals and MDF

Old line and finals

Old line and finals suites 46-54

Miscellaneous racks and 2nd numericals

Old type Directors and 1st numericals

Pictures by GPO, 14/9/54

1st floor, Test desks, meter racks and line and final racks

2nd floor by end of 1st and 2nd Numerical boards

2nd floor looking between 1st code boards I/J and RSR 1 rack

2nd floor 7 digit sender racks and 1st code boards K/L

General view

Remaining old test desks , old meter racks and TJF, wall demolished and apparatus room extended.

Pictures by GPO, 16/7/57
The author seemed to run out of steam here and few notes were attached.

Power plant partly replaced, old and new working, wall to be demolished with temporary cut, new ringing machines behind.


Test desks




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