Below is a list of Strowger ATE related photos (and sounds) available on here:

This site is intended for Strowger aficionados who know what they are doing, (see photo of aficionados doing what only they know how- partying in a PABX4 switch room).

Note that the term UAX below may mean UAX or SAX
(I haven't time to look them all up!).



PABX1B 114k
PABX1C 127k
PABX2A 98k
PABX5A 114k
PABX5B 114k
PABX7B 50k
Hendon College PABX4 
Stoke Newington PABX4 186k
Crawley Hospital PABX3 before rescue 
Listen to Crawley Hospital PABX3, just before rescue 332k
Catford PABX4 before transfer to Kelvedon Hatch Bunker 
Group visiting Ford Factory PABX's 106k


GEC Pax 133k
GEC Pax again 
Hospital switchboard closed in 1995 196k
DeTeWe Pax in Rushgreen hospital 101k
Crossbar Pax at Hendon 72k
STC 4119 Pax, MEB 105k
GEC 50 line uniselector Pax 140k
GEC SE50 Pax 68k
GEC 50 line uniselector pax, in wooden glass fronted case 92K
1930s Pax 157k
German T and N 27 line Pax 124k
Ericsson PAX Tester 78K


Painscastle UAX A Building 184k
Abermule UAX A and B1 104k
Brandon Creek UAX A and B1 186k
Turgis Green UAX B1 and A (disused) 131k
Eardiston UAX B1 89k
Hermitage UAX B (disused) 105k
Mamhead UAX A(sort of) (disused) 114k
Madox UAX A and B1 
Paxford UAX A and B1 
Angle UAX A (disused) 
Crawfordjohn UAX13 A building, last along with Elvanfoot, to close in 1995 89k
New use for old UAX B building 181k
Llanfihangel Gobion B1 and A 111k
Holt U14 D (or is it F?)building 
Alford D? building 
TRT172 Coin and Fee Relay Set Tester 74K

Repeaters/Cable Huts

Tubney Repeater R3 building 99k
Disused cablehut near Bridgenorth 77k
R3 repeater building XLG 94k
CR6 repeater station building. 91k
1930s Repeater racks 114k
Repeater hut in Scotland, windpowered 99k

Faraday House

Faraday Building, London 103k
Faraday House, Toll B Relay sets 98k
Faraday House Toll B General view no 1 120k
Faraday House Toll B General View No 2 123k
Faraday House Toll B TDF 166k
Faraday House Toll B Strip Relay sets 104k
Faraday House Toll B looking sad 95k

MNDX No341

MNDX 341 in preservation 
MNDX341 being recovered from Teradyne Ltd 84k
Inside MNDX341, as found no 1 114k
Inside MNDX341, as found no 2 98k
Inside MNDX341, as found no 3 107k
"West Forest" Mobile exchange at Wokingham 110k

Buildings General

IPOEEJ article on buildings page 1 175k
IPOEEJ article on buildings page 2 170k
IPOEEJ article on buildings page 3 167k
Fakenham GSC 
Porthmadog GSC and AMC 
Sixties style Non-director/TXE2 building. 185k
Sixties style TXK building and island link. 132k
Sixties style Non-director/TXE2 building. 140k
Sixties style Non-director building (dead). 112k
Sixties style Non-director/TXE2 building. 125k
Victoria, Brum, derilict 83k
Derelict RAF radio station, VFT and switch room 102K

Public Strowger Autofloors

London Exchange turn arounds
Crossbar public exchange 90k
Tring Non-Director
Romford Non-Director 115k
Register Translators in a non-director 167k


Installation 1
Installation 2
Installation 3
Installation 4
Installation 5
Installation 6
Installation 7

Hull Corporation

Mytongate 449K
City trunking diagram 

Defence Installations

Underground emergency switchboard in Kent. March 1999. 135k
Smaller emergency switchboard in fallout protected room. This site included a hand operated air filtration unit, and sleeping accomodation. It was small and pokey, March 1999. 157k
Derelict RAF radio station, VFT and switch room 102K
Trashed wartime VF Telegraph racks at ex RAF radio station. 134k

 Visit the amazing Rothwell Haigh underground repeater station just before destruction. Untouched since 1985!


Milton Keynes Museum of Rural Telecomms 
Kiosks at Avoncroft 166k
AA kiosk near Crickhowell 196k
Avoncroft UAX B1 building 167k
Old GPO photo of operator training 


Sound of a UAX 13 (probably about 600 line) in operation 167k (15 secs)
Sound of a 10,000 line Strowger Public exchange 167k (15 secs)
Sound of a 400 line PABX3 332k (30 secs)
Limpsfield Chart Exchange closure, Found lurking on an Announcer 12A in the depths of Toll B 223k
Oxted announcement, source as above 267k
VF Generator No 48A, a big noisy brute generating 12 tones from 540 to 1980 cps. 431k (Circuit Diagram 183k)

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