Rothwell Haigh Repeater Station

Rothwell Haigh Repeater Station, as recently found and just before destruction by the scrapman! All photos by courtesy of Dave Hughes. BEWARE, some Strowger preservationists may find these pictures disturbing!

First room behind double entrance door.

Through blast doors into loading bay

Into Main stairwell.

Under stairs to staff acommodation wing.

The Staff rest room right at the end of this long coridor.

MATE control equipment in staff corridoor.These were in many rooms.

This is the ground floor equipment room about to be torn out by the contractors.

In this room many valve repeater amplifiers were still in situ. Also more MATE switches.

Some of the many Private wires were terminated on these units.

Still more private wires!

Some of the Many telexes that were in this room

One of the private wire test points.

One of the many multiline switchboards around the station.

A sticker reads "beware sensitive information. destroy duplicate copies!".

Looking right at the door more teleprinters.

Well into the room near the workbench.

Farthest from the main Leeds road the massive cable chamber.

The cable chamber from its far end looking back.

More test units.still on ground floor.

Still on ground floor.

Next room still on the ground is the generator room....2 of everything!!!!

Most of the power plant was still in very good condition.

Big british power plant.

Spares in the power plant room

Up the stairs to the top landing.

Mercury arc rectifiers missing!

Inside The first transformer room....

The 132,000 volt transformers dissapeared over christmas 2000.All the wallphones were still working!

The main batteries were missing.Only the lighting cells were still in situ.

Still in the battery room

Upstairs the main distribution frame.

Even more valve amplifiers!

Back downstairs at a test position.

One of the 10+50 boards dumped upstairs in the air handling rooms!

The really big upstairs m d f .

Upstairs fault lanterns near the mdf and test desk.

still upstairs, the heating was working flat out in this equipment room.

still upstairs in the equipment room.....The calender was1985.

The blast doors everywhere were huge!

And now for some outside views taken after clearance had started.....














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