Radar at Telecommunications Research Establishment(TRE) at Malvern

The PLA and Nimrod accelerators at Rutherford Laboratory

TRE photo dated 29/10/1947, Bernard Loach working on the vacuum equipment to be used with the pilot 4MeV accelerator project.

Bernard Loach started work at TRE, Great Malvern in 1943. For two years he worked on waveguide issues relating to H2S radar development, including the TR3523 transceiver for the radar scanner. He then transferred to pioneering work in building accelerators for the Atomic Energy Research Establishment located in The Lees at Malvern. In due course this work was transferred to Harwell in 1953 and later became annexed in the Rutherford High Energy Laboratory (RHEL) now known as the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and the home of the Diamond Light Source, where he worked on the Proton Linear Accelerator and the 7Gev Proton Synchrotron Nimrod. In later years he was involved in Fortran programming and other computing issues relating to the provision of mini-computer services in UK Universities.

I have substantial archives relating to my late father's work in the Science Research Council (SRC) NIMROD. Also earlier archives relating to the former National Institute for Research in Nuclear Science (NIRNS) 50 Mev Proton Linear Accelerator (PLA) , and prior to that, my father's work at the Telecommunications Research Establishment (TRE) in Malvern which began with Radar and migrated into the start of the AERE accelerator project, specifically waveguides and injectors, but also including vacuum systems. The more interesting of these archives tend specifically to relate to matters peripheral to the actual research carried out which is documented already. Such things as design and building matters, and subsequent management and social aspects of work during those times. Also there is a small collection of prototype equipment relating to his work on waveguides, including an example of the HF unit TR3523 for H2S radar and in particular the waveguide matching transformer, of his own invention.

Hear Nimrod starting operation once again- Click here

Here is a brief biography of my father's work, for which I am having to rely 99% on the information in these archives, and am seeking help from others who may be able to fill gaps in the information available to me.

Chapter 1 In The Beginning
Chapter 2 TRE, Malvern 1943-45 -Radar
Chapter 3 TRE, Malvern 1945-53 - Accelerators
Chapter 4 Goodbye Malvern and the Lees
Chapter 5 AERE Harwell 1953

Chapter 6 The PLA years 1956 -1967
Chapter 7 The NIMROD years 1960-1970
Chapter 8 The post NIMROD years 1970-1987
Appendix Contents of the Archive

I would welcome hearing from anyone , email me, Martin, at strowger@aeolian-hall.myzen.co.uk

TR3523, X band HF unit developed in 1944, for H2S radar mkIV.

Can anyone identify these people?

TRE photo dated May 1947

TRE photo dated Nov 1947

TRE photo dated Apr 1948

TRE photo dated Apr 1948

TRE photo dated May 1948

TRE photo dated 22/06/1948 Remote control equipment for the 4MeV accelerator

TRE photo dated Jan 1949, 4MeV accelerator, one of the first machines built
in UK and the forerunner to the subsequent PLA at Harwell.

TRE photo dated Sep 1953

TRE photo dated Sep 1953

TRE photo dated Sep 1953

50 MeV PLA, 1959

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