The Hyde Parker Films

I have called these the Hyde Parker films because some 9.5mm films were acquired in the 1960s with an old projector bought from the owner. His name was Mr Hyde Parker who lived in a large house in the Marcham Road. The only information we have is that they were taken around 1935, and mention is made of the Ellen Volunteers and Joy Cowley. Not all the material may be around Abingdon, but there is plenty of footage by the river and a short scene showing The Wharf. I have left in the seaside material in case someone can identify with it on a personal level. At the end there is a sequence of titles including "Ockubatics".

The only positive Abingdon link is the short shot of a sailing boat passing the Anchor Inn. We are not sure but maybe all the people in the film are Abingdon people and maybe some special event was taking place on the river. Unfortunately the quality of this ancient material  is not great. There may be some older Abingdon residents who may recall the man Mr Hyde Parker. His large house was very full, as he was clearly a collector of many things. We have assumed he may have taken this material himself, as he lived in the same house from at least the 1930s.

Google finds a link suggesting that Hyde Parker of Abingdon was a well known lanternist. Another reference can be found that Mr A C Hyde Parker of Ock Lea, was a member of the Berkshire Archealogical Society in 1919.

I would be interested in any information on this matter. Click on the link below to view film:

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Mr Hyde Parker also used his movie camera to take single shot still frames. It is probable he would have found it very difficult to view these frames as the film used is very flammable, and if left still for too many seconds in the projector, the hot lamp would be likely to melt it or set it on fire! I have cut them out and mounted them for computer scanning. I have left the image sizes at high resolutioin so that, if you desire, you can zoom in on any frames of interest. Some are clearly of the Abingdon riverside. Perhaps some of the children are still with us, just!

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