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Lister EngineAmanco Pump

This Lister A28 type engine came to me from a farm near Purton, Swindon, as a heap of parts, and was restored to working order many years ago. Dated as 1939 it is 3 1/2 Hp at 600 rpm. The Amanco No 2 pump was made by Amanco during the 1920s in the UK and served to pump water at the Oxford University field station on Wytham hill. When replaced by an electric motor, it was deposited at Begbroke Hill farm and left to rust for many years. I rescued it in 1979, and rebuilt it to working order.

Kohler 800 Watt Lighting PlantKohler 1500 watt

The Kohler lighting plant was my first restoration of this kind. This is the 800 watt, 110 volt version, as used in country houses during the 1920s. Switching on a small load, such as one light bulb, would automatically start the set from batteries. Once warmed up on petrol, it can be run of paraffin. Unfortunately I parted with this many years ago, but have since recovered the larger 1500 watt version (right hand picture) with a cooling radiator. Yet another restoration project for a quiet year!

Climax Windpump

The Climax Windpump is 30 feet high and has 8 foot diameter sails. Rescued from its location over a shallow well in Herefordshire, this is another project for idle moments. These used to be a very common site on farms all over the UK but few survive in good condition. I have only seen 2 in recent years that are still working.

Blake Ram

The Blake hydraulic Ram pump is also an example of a type of water pump that was very common all over the UK. Working entirely from the inertia of water flow, which is used to push a smaller amount of water up to several hundred feet. Like the sight of a windpump, the regular beat sound of the clack valve was so well known that they were always marked on Ordnance Survey maps as a means of navigation. I have only found a handful still working in numerous expeditions around the UK looking for them.

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