Destruction of Abingdon, 1960s

See if you can identify some of these places!

All pictures copyright reserved, taken by my late father Bernard.

Market place

Market place

The Corn Exchange demolition has started but the fire station still stands.

The remains of May's Stores after one of their periodic fires.


The River Stert under the Vineyard

Broad Street looking west

The A34 is busy going north today. Broad Street looking East.

Then it was all gone


Note the Mastervision shop next door to the Black Swan, see link to Mastervision Ltd

The Fire Station is nearly gone but you can still see Ballards Engineering premises.

I think this might be the back of the Vineyard for the start of Stratton Way

The view of Bury Street from outside Ballards

Strange to see the first part of new Bury precinct already open.

The Queens Hotel has gone

Stratton Way going through from the Vineyard

Finally, can you guess where this cold frosty and misty morning was, noting the gas lamps.

Come back soon!

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