Abingdon, Mastervision Tower Panorama

Page updated April 2014.

These shots were taken from the top of the 160 foot high Mastervision TV aerial tower which used to be sited down by the Mill Stream on the site of William Press & Sons yard. The tower stood there from around 1962 until it was removed to make way for the development of the site in 1982. For those 20 years I suspect few people actually noticed it was there, although it was prominent from several aspects of the town, including the High Street and Abbey Meadows as well as most of the southerly river approach. It was also in perfect alignment with the formal gardens over which the Abbey House overlooked, and therefore somewhat grated with the local council!

For more information and the full story on Mastervision, see this link.

These photos were taken by my father and myself just prior to demolition..

View West

View West North West

View North West

View North North West

View North

View North East

View East North East

View East

View East

View East

View South East

View South

View South

View South

View South South West

View South West

View South West

View South West

View South West

View West South West

View down West North West

View down North East

View down and North

View down South South West

Burgess & Sons and coal yard at railway yard behind

Crazy Golf

Over Abbey grounds to swimming pool

And now Look Down,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!!

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