Abingdon, Miscellaneous memories

Now the old High street Post Office building is being re-developed maybe its timely to look back at the closure of the old Manual telephone exchange which was in the back of the building on the top floor overlooking the Bury Street cattle yard. The day of closure was in 1975. The GPO film unit made a video of the proceedings both in the old exchange, and in the new exchange in Stratton Way, and also the ceromonies afterwards in the Abbey hall. The photographs are probably crown copyright GPO.

I wonder if anyone can identify any of the operators?

And I have just found another photo, though not very good, of Abingdon board in operation. I cannot recall where I found it or the date, but it looks like it must have been a special occasion looking at the vases of flowers etc, maybe near closure?:

picture of Abingdon girls in operation

And here one of the last trains leave the Radley Junction to return to Abingdon, Final day of running.

And into the Station yard.

And can you work out what high vantage point this photo was taken from? It was NOT from any aircraft but from a place firmly in the ground. Watch this space for a whole series of panoramas like this, taken around 1982.

Come back soon!

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